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January 15 2015


Play Elsa Baby Bath


elsa baby bath
Bubble baths other wise known as foaming baths are more than just a pretty affect! It is said that the technique of these surfactants is believed to cleanse the skin, relax the body and insulate the water keeping your bath warmer for longer. They are also inviting for children, making a bath seem more like a 'fun' time than a 'dull' time, splashing and popping the bubbles with toys and their hands. In film these bubbles also play their part, often seen are beautiful silver screen legends laying back and letting the bubbles give us the impression that they are hiding the actors modesty. Another similar product to a bubble bath is bath salts, these have a similar use without the bubbles, made from pulverized minerals they are good for exfoliating the skin, giving off relaxing fragrances and have many beneficial qualities like keeping your skin soft and supple. History tells us that using these bathing salts dates back to China around 2700 BCE and the Greek physician Hippocrates encouraged his fellow natural healers to use the salts to heal certain conditions and aliments within their patients by immersing them in sea water, this technique carried on through the ages and in 1753 an English physician and author by the name of Charles Russel published a book named - "The Uses Of Sea Water". - elsa baby bath

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